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Below are links to the primary chants used at St. Ann Catholic Church.

Ordinary of the Mass
Missa IV - Holy Thursday

1. Kyrie

2. Gloria (Missa XV)

3. Sanctus

4. Agnus Dei

Missa XVII - Sundays of Advent and Lent

1. Kyrie A

2. Kyrie B: 'Gaudete' Sunday in Advent and 'Laetare' Sunday in Lent

3. Sanctus

4. Agnus Dei

Missa VIII - Missa de angelis

5. Kyrie

6. Gloria (audio only)

7. Sanctus

8. Agnus Dei

Memorial Acclamation

9. Mortem tuam

Marian Antiphons

10. Alma redemptoris mater (simple) - Advent through February 2nd

11. Ave Regina caelorum (simple) - Presentation of the Lord through Good Friday

12. Regina caeli (simple) - Easter season

13. Salve Regina (simple) - First Vespers of Trinity Sunday through the Saturday before Advent

Sprinkling Rite

14. Asperges me - Principal Sunday Mass, outside Paschal Time

15. Vidi aquam - Sundays in Paschal Time


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