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I invite you to explore our website as a means of getting to know St. Ann’s and all that we do to serve Christ and one another. While we are well known in Charlotte for having a beautiful church and beautiful liturgy, what’s most beautiful about our parish is our parishioners! We are a family-oriented, thriving parish just south of Uptown Charlotte, filled with people committed to worshiping God through the fullness of our Catholic tradition and serving the poor and needy with charity and compassion. Come join us for Mass and help us as we seek to glorify God, bear witness to His Truth, and show forth His Love.
Father Timothy S. Reid


January 22, 2023
Dear Parishioners,

Just as a reminder, Deacon Peter and I will be traveling to Warangal, India, for a quick visit with the Missionaries of the Poor there. For the past 7 years, we’ve been focusing on the mission in Warangal, India. With your generosity, we’ve been able to help them build and remodel much of their compound, including a new chapel, while also providing money for direct use with the poor they serve. The purpose of our trip is to see what the brothers have accomplished with our funds, and to determine if they have more needs our parish can assist with. We’ll also spend a few days working with the men and boys they care for.

If you’d like to contribute any money to the India mission, I know the brothers will put it to good use. Of particular help is cash that we can carry with us and use to buy supplies over there (as it is often difficult to use credit cards in smaller cities like Warangal). You can drop off money at the parish office, put it in a separate envelope (marked MOP) that you drop into the collection, or give it to me directly. If you’d like your donation to be credited on your giving record, please be sure to put your name on your envelope.

As I mentioned in last week’s bulletin, I am currently working with the WilletHauser company to design new lower stained-glass windows for our church. Willet-Hauser recently refashioned our chapel windows (and did a very nice job). Our current lower stained-glass windows were installed when the original part of our church was built in 1960. And after serving us well for over 60 years, they are now buckling and cracking, which is why we need to replace them.

As we have 12 windows, we will have windows representing the apostles. The hope is to design the windows such that they fit in seamlessly with our very beautiful upper windows – which is no small task. Once we have the designs completed, I will make them available for viewing.

At present, I do not know how long this project will take. Right now, we are just in the design phase. But I do know that the project will cost $300,000. To pay for the windows, we will be memorializing each window for $25,000. If you’d like to reserve one of the windows to honor or memorialize a loved one, please contact me directly.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Reid